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September 28, 2001

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What Can I Do?

The following is something we ask for you to copy and paste in an email to all of your friends, as well as to please get in touch with us so that we can coordinate events, speakers, and materials together.

The world media has failed to expose the truth about Israel's so-called peace partners.  The anti-Israel propaganda machine is well funded and well fueled.  Jewish and pro-Israel students on university campuses don't have access to the knowledge and tools they need to fight back.

In response, True Peace ( has launched a nation-wide grass roots PR and educational campaign.  We are
starting a series of powerful ads in major newspapers to let the world know what Israel is up against. We have launched a campaign to spread the message of support for the 5 million Jews living in the Holy Land, as well as the imminent danger to their lives, with books (EYES UPON THE LAND), videotapes, bumper stickers (THE LAND OF ISRAEL... G-D'S GIFT TO THE JEWS Source: the Bible), a rock/metal CD (JUDAH'S FILL by David Lazzar) and nationwide presentations. We are training a battalion of public speakers and public relations people to circuit/traverse the country, going to places of worship, college campuses, and various North American communities. We are enlisting the help of youth movements in door-to-door canvassing campaigns. 

But we can't do it alone. We desperately need your help to influence public opinion and reverse the negative bias against Israel. Help us spread this
message. Become our representative in your area. Make a tax-deductible gift. Volunteer. Email  Forward this letter to everyone you know. 

Our allies:

We are asking Americans of all faiths to support the Jewish People in the Land of Israel and throughout the world at a time when we are under attack on many different fronts. 

One simple but very effective action ordinary people can take is distributing bumper stickers for display on their cars, public places, and businesses with a clear message: 
 Source: The Bible"

Another very effective action is showing a video of the current situation, and how it is influenced by "Palestinian Authority" incitement and media propaganda.  This can be done at one's home, community center, university campus, or place of worship.

1. To order "THE LAND OF ISRAEL... G-D'S GIFT TO THE JEWS Source: The Bible" bumper stickers please contact: or call 305-770-1137

2. To order videotapes of Palestinian Authority propaganda and Arafat in his own words, please contact Shalom Ledorot /Peace for Generations: 
or in Israel:
36 Keren Hayesod 
Jerusalem 92149

3. To make a tax-deductible gift or to get actively involved please contact 

4. Show your support


For Pro-Israel College Activism contact:
Zelig Krymko
National Director of College Programs
383 Kingston Avenue Suite 215
Brooklyn, NY 11213

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