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"Peace For The Galilee"
On the war in Lebanon in the early eighties

I. Fulfillment of Mission
Operation "Peace for the Galilee" has been highly successful, with G-d showing open miracles to the Jewish soldiers fighting to assure peace for Eretz Yisroel. But for complete victory, the operation must be brought to its full, avowed conclusion. We cannot repeat past mistakes of halting the campaign before it is fully completed, or surrendering land vital for Eretz Yisroel’s security.

II. Politics Vs. Security
Operation "Peace for the Galilee" has still not been completed after weeks of fighting. Although G-d has shown many miracles, military and otherwise, the opportunities thereby provided have not been properly utilized. The terrorist threat will not be removed by diplomatic maneuverings, but only by a strong show of force.

III. Travesty of Justice
The sole purpose of the commission of inquiry established by Israel to investigate the killings in the Lebanese refugee camps is to determine the guilt of Jews in the matter. This is not only a travesty of justice, but reflects an abysmal lack of Jewish self-esteem.




Since the beginning of Operation "Peace for the Galilee," the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson has strongly called for the campaign to be finished fully — the complete elimination of the terrorist threat to Jewish lives.

As the operation proceeded, with G-d showing open miracles, it became increasingly evident that its progress was being hampered by political obstructionism. At different stages of the operation the Lubavitcher Rebbe pointed out the many opportunities available wherewith to bring the operation to a successful conclusion, and the folly of repeating the mistakes of previous wars.

This  is a synopsis of the Rebbe’s many public addresses on the subject, translated and adapted by Rabbi Yosef Loebenstein. While it is but a synopsis, every effort has been made to give as accurate a representation of the Rebbe’s views as possible.


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